Before you buy a carnaúba car polish

You should know the following:

Carnaúba wax behaves like a protection-jacket on any surfaces of a car. Any dirt glues less strong, which enables "the easy to clean effect". This means you should wash your car only with water and dry it with a clean rag afterwards. The result will be a brilliant surface as right after the first application process of Carnaúba wax.

As thin the Carnaúba layer is, as higher and more impressive is the effect of brilliance and simultaneously a long-lasting protection and conservation.

Because of this fact, only polishes which contain at least 50% pure carnaúba wax can guarantee a stable, continuous and even carnaúba layer.


But be careful:

  1. The "low  and middle pricing" Carnauba wax Polishes contain only 2% until 15% pure carnaúba wax. Unfortunately this applies also for many expensive "so called" luxery and premium carnauba wax polishes. 
  2. The "so called" luxery and premium carnauba wax polishes (over 100US$/100ml) which contain at least 50% pure carnaúba wax, contain also chemical and synthetical additions. This additions make the wax softer and the application process for the user more comfertable, but also reduces the long-lasting  protection- and conservation-  effect. This means that the carnaúba-layer vanishes much faster.                                                                                                                                                                           Furthermore, plastics (f.ex.: rubber or foils, foils for wrapped cars ) or wood can be damaged. 
  3. Unfortunately it is very misleading, when manufacturer advertise with 100% Carnauba wax. This means only that the ratio of carnaúba of the wax itself is 100%. In other words: This 100% refers only to the part of wax in the polish and says nothing about the carnauba wax ratio of the polish in total.                                                                                                                                         If the carnaúba wax ratio would be 100% of the total polish, you could not apply this polish on your car. Carnaúba wax is the most stable and rigid wax in the world. In other words: it`s rock-hard.