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  • Containing 60% or 50% pure Carnauba Wax portion.
  • 100% natural
  • No chemical and synthetical additions or abrasives.
  • In comparison to industrial and machine-produced "high-end" polish the efficiency is far exceeded.
  • Unique user friendly soft paste.

Protection and maintenance for wrapped cars

Everybody knows the problem:


How to maintain, protect and conserve the wrapped surfaces?


Even the best wrapped surfaces with the highest quality foil are not bullet proofed. Even the bests need a minimum of care, maintenance and protection. Already the standard influences of the environment as sun, rain, snow, salty air and dust destroy every foil.


The commercial car-waxes and -polishes or maintenance and care products are not working or even harm the foil. The chemical and synthetically ads in combination with the environmental influences and frequent carwashes can lead to porosity and changes of the color.


The only real long term solution is to use a 100% natural care wax which protect your car against the environmental influences and avaoids the need of carwashing processes with soap.

If you use the carnaúba wax polishs from Ilé Axé Europe 2 - 3 times per year, your car will have this fantastic unique carnaúba gloss, will be protected and any kind of dirt will adhere less strong. This means, car washing processes only with pure water are sufficient. Your car will have this high gloss again, if you are drying it with a micro-fiber towel aftrewards.

For mat surfaces and foils we offer a special version of our carnaúba wax polish.