Senhora Nilassideoyar learned from her father, as before, from his father and grand father, to produce products from the wax of Carnaúba palm tree in a traditional way.


In 1975 Ms. Nilassideoyar specialized with family members in the production of polishes and moved from the upstate of the north of Brazil to Bahia, before the gates of Salvador.


Since 2001, she has been increasing her production capacity with family members and members of the Candomble under the name of Ilé Axé.

Her car and wood polishes are still produced on the basis of the experience of their ancestors in a very long production process with many work steps and manual work.


In 2003 the German engineer Holger Schürbusch met Ms. Nilassideoyar. The production could be improved according to German quality standards. Especially the process stability and the process- and quality- documentation was improved.

The result of the combination of Brazilian traditional production processes, the rules and hierarchies of the Candomble and German quality standards are polishes with a unique, unrivaled efficiency coupled with a user friendliness which has been unreached on the world market.


Since 2016, Ilé Axé do Brasil's polish are distributed by Ilé Axé Europe in Europe as well.


In March 2017, Ilé Axé Brasil was renamed in "Ingo Sé do Brasil"

Headquater and Customer Service Office 2017 in Salvador